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Rogdia (or Rodia) - Crete

The place - Rogdia

Twenty minutes drive (or a most infrequent 30 minute bus ride) from Heraklion is the easily reached gem-of-a-village. Rogdia (or Rodia) has character, great views of the mountains, the sea across to Dia Island and a panoramic view of Heraklion. It also has a restored Venetian villa next to the tiny and ancient church, five Kafeneia and a café/restaurant, tavernas both in the village and on the way up the winding road you take to get there.
Mainly, Rogdia has a feeling of the lived-in village - and it is. There are several interesting older houses and buildings especially walking up the narrow passageway-roads above the main street.
If you have little time to get out of Heraklion – Rogdia is close and under any circumstances worth a visit.

How to get there - Rogdia

By car: From Heraklion, take the new national road heading west (towards Chania). Rogdia is signposted to the right, just before the big power station. Follow the signs. The road is quite winding and of course, a little potholed,  and offers distractingly beautiful views as you climb up to the village.
The bus option
: From Heraklion: on weekdays there are buses at about 07.00, 12.00 and 14.30 to Rogdia (no buses on the weekend). It takes about 30 minutes and the bus turns right back ( 07.30, 12.30 and 15.00). Don't forget that is always a good idea to call and check the bus times. Bus station B (Hanioporta) tel: 2810-255 965
From Rethymno: see bus schedules.
: Taxi should cost around 10-13 euros (ask how much before you get in). Radio taxi tel: 2810-210 102, 210 146.

Where to stay - Rogdia

Not many will choose to stay in Rogdia because there are not many places to stay! The choices are Thea Hotel, which has about 4 apartments available, all with wonderful views and tastefully decorated (in rustic) - the rest are rented year round. Ask if Room 4 is available, otherwise we recommend Room 7. Price category: H4
Villa Rena ( a suite of four basic rooms and kitchen - with a view terrace and garden that is paradise! The rooms can be rented together or individually) 
Tel.: 2810-312 974 or 6946-284 054, ask for Rena. Price category: H4.
(Phones: see Calling Crete)

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Crete map - Rogdia

Here's a real village with panoramic views to Dia island and Heraklion. A bit of Crete on the mountainside.

Houses in Rogdia

Houses on the hill

Main square

The main square in Rogdia

View from Rogdia

One of many fantastic views

Thea appartments

Room 4 in "Thea"

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